Wednesday, December 18, 2013


There's an email address at BYU Broadcasting, forbidden to "all who do not wish to die a most painful death". It's called 'BYUB All'. If one were to ever send an email using this address, the information included must be both critical and relevant to every single employee or else everyone hates you. (Sometimes they do anyway. Especially when it has to do with throwing all of their food away if they leave it in the fridge.)

Usually, I don't like sending these emails, even when my supervisor asks me to. But today, on my last day of work ever, I wanted to real bad. If I had, it probably would've said something like this:


Some of you call me Kelli. Some of you never learned my name and still call me Kim. Some of you know me as 'that girl with curly red hair who might be Abby's twin'. Or maybe you don't know me at all. It doesn't really matter to me that much. The point is that I always thought the concept of a 'second family' was stupid. Until my second family became all 508 of you.

There are, figuratively, pages and pages of rough drafts crumpled around me full of things I wanted this to say, all making vows of everlasting love that probably would've creeped you out, but not one of them sounded like my heart feels. So. Until someone comes up with a language for that, can I just say, thanks for being my BYUB All. <3

Your receptionist"

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  1. This is so cute and perfectly said, Kelli. I love it.