Friday, November 29, 2013

The Girl in the Orange Skirt

Yesterday, before we left for Thanksgiving dinner, I noticed that my red toenail polish completely clashed with the orange skirt I was wearing. It looked awful and my first instinct was to be embarrassed because "people will think I don't even know how to dress myself". Alison assured me that it looked fine and we left, but it got me thinking: What if I didn't care what people thought about me? What would I do? Or not do?

If it wasn't for caring what people think, it wouldn't bother me that I'm not married yet. I'd smile at every stranger, I'd ask people about things I remember them telling me without being afraid that it might seem creepy. I'd go to every chalk tray on BYU campus and blow all the dust out because I've wanted to do that since the day I got here. I'd go up in a hot air balloon and shout my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world (and I'd probably drop some parachute Book of Mormons because how cool would that be.) I'd lift weights with the boys. I wouldn't be embarrassed when I have to use the restroom or cry because most humans do those things. I wouldn't feel like I have to pretend I'm texting every time I feel awkward. I'd never feel awkward (WHAT). I wouldn't cover my mouth after every bite I take. I'd study on Saturday when I need to. I'd take ballet and ballroom dance and I'd teach Zumba. I'd take a break in the middle of the RB stairs to breathe and I'd yell "I feel like someone's stabbing me with a machete!" when I finally got to the top cuz it's true. I'd run when I'm wearing a backpack. I'd skip when I'm happy. I'd look up when I walk because I like looking at people and I'm proud to be me.

Your turn. :) What would YOU do if you weren't afraid of what people might think of you?