Saturday, February 22, 2014

Honeyyyyy, I'm hoooooooome!!

Once upon a time, I decided to take a month-long facebook fast. (Ish. I kind of cheated a couple times, but not dishonestly since I just told you about it.) 
Anyway, take a look at all of the cool stuff I got done in the time I'm usually wandering aimlessly through cyberspace! 

  • Got back in my pre-holiday shape
  • Remembered how much I love playing the piano and started taking it more seriously again. 
  • Wrote some letters on real paper and sent them in the real mail. With stickers and Harry Potter stamps <3
  • Got into the Book of Mormon again and OH MY HEAVENS RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU LOVE THAT BOOK AS MUCH AS I DO. (I even got to share it with two of my friends!!)
  • Looked more people in the eyes and noticed lots of lovely ones. Brown, green, and blue are not the only colors out there, people.
  • Had lots of those phone/Skype conversations where you hang up and say, "I would definitely bear my testimony about that person if I was at Girls' Camp right now."
  • Got a head start on this year's Christmas presents (Aaaaah I can't wait!!)
  • Started writing in my journal again.
  • Read a fiction book besides Harry Potter. And liked it.
  • Cleaned out my room and found a pine cone and half a box of my favorite kind of pop-tarts.
  • Colored this picture of a cute little puppy talking to a snail while I watched the Olympics.

You probably don't need a facebook fast to get things done, but I'm just saying...being a productive human being is probably my new favorite pastime.