Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Girls' Camp

-where everything becomes 10 times more hilarious than it really is
-where you don't care that you smell like feet, sweat, and something else I have yet to identify
-where you sing songs about boys and get pixy stix stuck up your nose
-where you find the most beautiful testimony meetings and where girls cry clear tears instead of black ones

Sounds pretty fabulous to me. :)

Of course, I'm too old for the real thing so welcome to "Girls' Camp Rejects Simulation". (I hope that doesn't sound as cool as "Girls' Camp" to you because it isn't.) I know all too well that nostalgia isn't quite as fun when you're sitting on your bedroom floor eating pixy stix alone so I got you some too. Watch it. Those guys are tricky.

So flick off the daddy long-legs, pull your sleeping bag up to your chin and enjoy :)

...hahahahahahaha :D

Brother McGuire and Brother Makin enjoyed their security duties a little too much by bombing us with water balloons all week. So we enjoyed watching them do a billion jumping jacks and push ups to make up for it.

Best camp leaders of all time. Not sure why this is the only picture I have of them, but I think this says it all ;)

As older sister and girl's camp legend, Brookie french braided my hair every year :)

Indian Springs: Best. Ward. Ever. :)

*Not pictured: Most things- The skill level of a 14 year-old with a disposable camera is only so high. 
1. Shirt monsters and sleeping bag worm impressions with Katrina Wood
2. The look on my face when my leader walked in on me in the porta potty
3. The family of raccoons that moved in when I dropped a bag of m&ms and ran away
4. A delicious lasagna
5. The "lost bra and panties" flagpole
6. The only shooting star I ever saw
7. The girl who had lice and forgot to tell anyone until Friday
8. Some ugly crafts. No offense. 

There are lots of other camp-ish things I could tell you about, but if this simulations gets too real, I might get a tick and let's be honest...I didn't love camp THAT much. 

Love, Kelli