Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Theme: NA

  • I couldn't hold the plank in Pilates today because my teacher turned on the country version of "Angels" instead of the David Archuleta version and I had to take a barf break. 
  • There's a country version of "Angels". Who does that?
  • I just tried to brush some crumbs off my lap, but my pinky got caught in my lanyard, which swung up and hit me in the face.
  • I didn't think I had time to eat my grapes AND get to class so I stuffed them all in my cheeks and just released one at a time while I walked.
  • In Pilates, there was a piece of dried up gum by my hand so I flicked it away. Into the boy next to me.
  • Last night in apartment prayer, Syd prayed that our dates would go well this weekend in hopes that we'd get dates for this weekend so that they could go well. Gum boy is not an option. 
  • I wish my supervisors wouldn't close the door when they go into each others' offices because what are they talking about in there?
  • 4-chlorobenzaldehyde
  • I could probably do whatever I wanted and get away with it because no one ever suspects the girl with curly hair. 
  • Pregnant women are so lovely.
  • I shed so much, I could donate to Locks of Love without even getting a haircut.
  •  Someone told me she liked my glasses because they magnify my eyes like Professor Trelawny. I said thank you. 
  • Isn't it awesome that I go to a school where I can pray over my sandwich right in the middle of the world and no one even blinks an eye??
  • Namaste.


  1. haha Kelli, you kill me! I freaking love you AND your blog posts. You're awesome :)

  2. oh, man. that's a rough day.

    for the record, the guy you hit with gum MAY not know it was you. your glasses do NOT make you look like Prof. Trelawny, and that is possibly the only time I think I've heard a Harry Potter reference and not thought it was awesome. so that girl won a not-so-awesome award from me. praying on campus is awesome. I love your curly hair, and it's so true- no one would suspect you.

    I love you. :) I hope tomorrow is less like this.